Insectoid XII

Welcome to the NEW home of Insectoid's Web Page!!  This site would update more often, but I don't work on it as often as I'd like, so it can go many months before I mirror.  Now that I have SSI and JavaScript implemented, I can have the site mirrored on a schedule without having to manually change timestamps.  (Because was that ever a pain…)

ConstructionI have, once again, been working on-and-off on the site, mostly on new aspects such as SVG images, and more recently on a major graphics facelift (to the root pages, at least).  Parts of the site still lack CSS, and I haven't tackled the To-Do list in ages.  As I slowly learn JavaScript, some dynamic page effects will be implemented (some already have: the collapse-o-widget, inverting buttons, and alternate images for the XPilot shipshapes are examples).

Feel free to peruse the Status/To Do page; it lists every page on the site, and the relative completeness of each, as well as the modification date of each (implemented with SSI).  Those pages that need the most work (the C64, DOS, and NINTENDO sections) will most likely get worked on after the re-coding of the site is complete, and possibly after I finish my XPilot Newbie Guide.  The Change Log is also available, and is ridiculously detailed about every site update.

However, if you'd like a behind-the-scenes preview of the code, graphics, and/or page layouts I'm working on, you can have a look at the Test Hive (my name for the graphics and code testbed).  The biggest change that I've made is a new page layout for the root pages, as well as some drop-down menus, a update panel, and possibly a blog (of sorts).

Questions or comments about the site or its contents may be directed to insectoid (at) budwin (dot) net; please put IWP: in the subject line.  I do appreciate the feedback, folks, both good and bad.  However, any spam mail will be subject to immediate de-resolution!  (Means deleted.)

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