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DESCENT is a classic 3-D first-person shooter for DOS that was released in 1995, developed by Parallax Software and published by Interplay Productions.  DESCENT is a contemporary of the other very popular FPS of the time, DOOM by id Software, released just over a year before.  However, it is not based on DOOM; the DESCENT engine works quite differently, using 3-D models (rather than sprites) to render enemy robots, and has "six degrees of freedom".  DESCENT also has very little of the blood or gore of DOOM.

There were two games made for the DOS platform, DESCENT (1995) and DESCENT II (1996, which was also made for Windows 95), as well a sequel for Windows 9x, DESCENT3 (1999).  There have been many expansions for and re-releases of each; the Game Info pages detail as many of those that I know about.

For the moment, the rest of the pages will be concentrating on the first mission, DESCENT: First Strike.  In the future I may make DESCENT II pages; but that remains to be seen.

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