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Under constructionIt's been a while since I worked on the walkthrough, but with the site redesign I hope to get back in full gear writing it.  The pages that are fully or partially complete as of this writing are: Levels 1, 2, 20, and S2 (walkthrough and secrets), Levels 3-6 (secrets only), and Level 7 (the Boss walkthrough).

Robot Abbreviations:

AL: Advanced Lifter
B1: Boss #1
B2: Boss #2
BSP: Baby Spider
C1D: Class 1 Drone
C2D: Class 2 Drone

CLD: Cloaked Driller
CLH: Cloaked Hulk
CLL: Cloaked Lifter
DP: Defense Prototype
GR: Gopher Robot
HD: Heavy Driller

MDH: Medium Hulk
ML: Medium Lifter
MB: Miniboss
PLL: Platform Laser
PLM: Platform Missile
SMH: Small Hulk

SL: Secondary Lifter
SP: Spider
SUH: Super Hulk
SVR: Supervisor Robot
VD: Vulcan Driller

Other Abbreviations:

BAK: Blue Access Key
EB: Energy Boost
EC: Energy Center

INV: Invulnerability
RAK: Red Access Key
RM: Robot-Maker

RR: Reactor Room
SB: Shield Boost
YAK: Yellow Access Key

What the headers on the levels mean:

DIFFICULTY: The relative difficulty of the level.
ROBOTS: The types of robots found on the level (see above)
MAIN THREAT(S): What I consider to be the main threat or threats on the level.
SECRET PASSAGES: The location of every unlocked secret room on the level.
TRIGGERED PASSAGES: The location of every remotely triggered door on the level, including the Exit.