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Section 3: Walkthrough

3.8: Rematch with Ridley


Before going down the elevator, go through the door on the left and SAVE!  Time to go over the numbers once more: you should have 12 Energy Tanks for 1299 energy, plus 4 Reserve Tanks (if you have them all filled by now, great!), as well as 210 Missiles, 45 Super Missiles, and 40 Power Bombs.  We'll be getting the last remaining items down here, so don't worry.  When you're ready, take the elevator down.

Ridley's Lair

Once again, this is technically still part of Norfair… but you just went down an ELEVATOR, so I say it's Ridley's Lair!  Dig that awesome music… one of the catchiest in the whole game.  (So catchy, in fact, that it was reused in METROID PRIME.)  Anyway, head to the left, Space-Jumping across the lava pit and avoiding the Dragons and the spouts of lava that occasionally shoot up.  At the far end, go through the door.

In here, Space-Jump over the lake of lava until you reach the other side, which appears to be a dead end.  Drop a Power Bomb to blast away part of the wall, partially revealing a Chozo.  Morph and jump into its hand; it will grab Samus, and the lava will be drained from the lake through a hole in the bottom.  When the Chozo releases you, drop down to the bottom of the now-empty lake and lay another Power Bomb to blast away the blocks.  Roll through the tunnel and kill the Holtzes, then go through the door.

Watch out—the narrow bridge here is made entirely of crumble blocks.  Carefully Space-Jump over to the pack of MISSILES (215) (if you fall through and miss it, reset the game and try again), then fall through to the large area below.  Walk a bit over to the right… to find a metal door.  A Torizo will then fall on you out of nowhere… prepare for battle!

    HP: 13500
    Attacks: energy wave 30, body 40, eye rings 2,
  bombs 20, super missile rebound 50.

  Super Missiles – 600 (23), IF you can hit him…
Charged Plasma/Ice/Wave – 900 (15)

As you can see, using Super Missiles against this Torizo is risky, because he's likely to throw them back at you without taking any damage.  (Unless you fire at him point-blank, which isn't recommended.)  Using the Plasma Beam combo is thus the way to go.  Unlike the first Torizo, this one doesn't have a single weak spot (and is also immune to regular Missiles); just blast away at him.

The Golden Torizo's attacks are similar to the ones the Torizo in Crateria used.  Don't worry too much about avoiding them; you'll get a refill of energy fairly soon, so just keep hammering away at the Torizo with your charged Plasma combo.  The Torizo will change color as you hit him; 15 charged Plasma shots will end the battle.

There is another item in this room; you can either Spring Ball up to the upper-right corner of the room and lay a Power Bomb (blasting away the walls and revealing the pack of Super Missiles), or get the Screw Attack in the next room and come back; your choice.  I like to use a Power Bomb, because I usually mess up with the Screw Attack (being bad at Space-Jumping as I am).  Either way, collect the final pack of SUPER MISSILES (50), and move into the next room.

Shoot the Chozo Statue's marble for one of the best items in the game, the SCREW ATTACK!!  This GREAT item allows you to break through almost anything—bendezium blocks, and most enemies—and with the Space Jump, you can do it all day and be nearly invincible!  Test out your new toy by Screw-Attacking through the ceiling here.  A little ways up the shaft on the right is an Energy Recharge Room; USE IT!  You'll need it for the battle ahead, trust me.  When you're ready, Space-Jump to the top of this shaft (through another ceiling) and go through the door.

Space-Jump to the right, Screw-Attacking right through the squad of what I call "Hyper Ripper IIs"; is this thing great or what?  Collect the Super Missile refills if you need them, then blast open the green gate and go through the door.  In this room, you could blast open the passage in the ceiling with a Power Bomb, but the two doors up there lead back to the elevator or to a dead end, so just ignore it and go through the next door.  This room will start filling with lava; simply Screw-Attack through the columns to the other side before it gets too high.  Go through the door at the end.

In this shaft, ignore or freeze the Namihes, and Screw-Attack through the new yellow Space Pirates (which are immune to your Plasma Beam) as you make your way to the top, Screw-Attacking through the ceiling.  When you reach the door on the right, ignore it and shoot out the ceiling, then keep climbing until you reach a door; go through.  In this room, shoot the middle of the platform below you, then go over to the left side of the next platform and drop a Bomb (DO NOT use a Power Bomb; it makes it harder to get out).  Roll through the tunnel to the left and collect the pack of MISSILES (220), then return to the previous room, stopping on the FIRST block of the platform below you (or you'll fall through the crumble blocks, and would have to backtrack to that Power Bomb blockade I noted in the last paragraph).  JUMP back up to the door (do NOT Space Jump, because if you fall, the Screw Attack will break the floor below), then go through and drop down, shooting through the floor, to reach the door on the right.  Space-Jump through this door!

Insectoid's Tip:

You'll soon notice why: there's nothing to land on—you would fall down into the rising lake of lava, and it would take a bit of time to get back up.  Instead, Space-Jump down a bit, right, and up (tricky!!), taking out yellow Pirates as you go, until you reach the door in the upper-right of this huge room.  Whew!  Go through the door.  If you shoot the floor here, you'll notice a passage leading down; drop down to reach a zig-zagging shaft with red Kihunters.

Insectoid's Tip:

Don't bother to charge your Beam; simply hop down and Screw-Attack right through the tough red Kihunters one by one as you make your way down to the door on the right.  (They would be tougher against just the Plasma Beam, but the Screw Attack shows no mercy…)  In the Save Room here, SAVE YOUR GAME!  Not far to Ridley now.

Exit and continue down, blasting another Kihunter, and when you reach the bottom, drop a Power Bomb to blast away some bendezium blocking a tunnel leading right.  Roll through, and drop another Power Bomb at the other end, blasting away both the statue and the yellow door in the floor at once.  Drop through, and lay yet another Power Bomb to reveal a tunnel in the lower-left (as well as a shutter to safely reach it).  Morph and roll through it, then Screw-Attack through the large Dessgeegas to reach three large statues.

Drop a Power Bomb to blast away the middle statue, as well as reveal a narrow tunnel in the lower part of the left wall.  Roll through it and pick up the pack of POWER BOMBS (45), then drop down through the hole between the statues.  You'll land on a spike platform, which will drop down; step off it when it reaches the bottom, then drop below it onto another spike platform.  Repeat, and blast through the green door on the left.

There are two silver Space Pirates in this room, the strongest Pirates by far.  Since they're immune to all of your attacks while they're silver, Screw Attack around the first one until it turns yellow; quickly attack it with the Plasma Beam (it takes 2 charged shots to destroy each).  Repeat this process until both silver Pirates are gone, and go through the now-flashing metal door on the left.

Take your time going through the next two rooms, blasting the Gamets, Violas, and Holtzes to stock up your weapons and energy to maximum.  When you're ready, blast away the Eye Door and go through.  You'll fall onto a platform below, where Ridley will promptly appear.

    HP: 18000
    Attacks: body 40, fireballs 15, tail 30.

  Missiles – 100 (180)
  Power Bombs – 200 each (may hit twice)
  Super Missiles – 600 (30)
Charged Plasma/Ice/Wave – 900 (20)

As soon as Ridley appears, the gap beneath the platform will be submerged in lava.  Ridley himself is one tough cookie, but his attacks actually aren't all that damaging—unless he grabs onto you.  If that happens, he'll lash you with his tail repeatedly (much like Draygon).

Angle up and unload your complement of Super Missiles at Ridley.  He won't stay put, of course; he'll retreat to the middle of this tall room.  Simply jump up after him, and keep pelting him.  If Ridley grabs you, fire Missiles in his gut until he lets go.  When you run out of Super Missiles, use charged Plasma shots (they do more damage anyways).

After 6 Super Missiles (14500 HP), Ridley will start swooping in a U-shape, down one side of the room and up the other.  Space-Jump to avoid him if you can.  At 9000 HP (15 Supers), he'll change color and get a bit faster; this happens again at 4500 HP (23 Supers).  At 0 HP, Ridley will go wild and will probably grab you; let him, as he'll die soon after.

After Ridley is gone, collect the power-ups and go through the flashing door on the left.  There's the Metroid larva's vial, or what's left of it, broken on the floor.  But where's the Metroid??  Anyway, shoot or bomb underneath the door to reveal a much-needed ENERGY TANK (13)!  Exit this room, and Space-Jump up through Ridley's room and go through the door.

From here, backtrack all the way to the Save Room (I assume you know where it is).  Save, then climb back up to the passage above (trashing the red Kihunters with the Screw Attack, then shooting the ceiling), and go through the door on the right.  You could have gotten these items earlier, but this saves you a backtrack.

In this long shaft, blast the Fune directly across from you with a Super Missile, then run through where it was; you'll go through a fake wall.  Head down and left across the strange claw-shaped platform, and drop down to the small ledge here, avoiding the Firefleas.  Space-Jump to the right and collect the final ENERGY TANK (14), then return to where you blasted the Fune, and start climbing, freezing the Funes and dodging or ignoring the metal boulders that roll down.  When you reach the door at the top, ignore it (it's a dead end) and run through the wall on the left; another fake wall.  Go through the door here.

In here, Screw-Attack to the left, right through the Alcoons, and climb up the platforms at the other end, then head right (ignore the door on the left for now) and Screw-Attack through another Alcoon before picking up another pack of MISSILES (225).  Drop a Power Bomb to reveal a series of tunnels; morph and bounce into the top tunnel.  Hold right and keep bouncing, and you'll eventually reach a block you need to bomb out of the way; do so, and go through the door in the floor.  Shoot the statue head on the right and jump where it was to break the crumble blocks and collect the last pack of POWER BOMBS (50).  Repeat with the statue on the left, and go through the door.

Back in the long shaft, go through the same fake wall to the left again; go through the door, across the pit, and up the platforms.  This time, go through the door on the left.  In here, carefully Space-Jump across the rising and falling lava until you reach a narrow tunnel at the bottom of the screen.  Morph and roll through it, bearing the lava just long enough to jump up to the first platform here.  Below you is a dark spot in the platform; morph and drop a bomb one block to the right of that spot to reveal a tunnel.  Drop in and roll to the left, collecting the last expansion of the game (if you followed this walkthrough), a pack of MISSILES (230).  Exit the way you came in, and climb up the platforms here, blasting or Screw-Attacking the red Kihunters that get in the way.  When you get to the top, shoot out the ceiling and go through the door on the left.


Well, that was fun while it lasted, wasn't it?  Say farewell to the cool music, and head left, then drop through the crumble blocks.  Screw-Attack through the block columns, and roll into the passage at the far end.  You'll wind up back in the shaft on the east side of the bubble room, near where you picked up the Wave Beam earlier.  Go through the door on the left to get to the bubble room, then backtrack to the elevator and take it up to Brinstar.


Go left from the elevator and through the next door to Maridia.


Now, I recently decided that the easiest (and possibly fastest) way up to Crateria from Norfair is to go through Maridia; you won't have to fuss with freezing Rippers, turning off the Screw Attack (destroys platforms in the long red shaft), or jumping over Manflowers.  Instead, jump up from the broken tube room and go through the door in the ceiling.  Climb all the way to the top (Screw-Attacking through any enemies that get in the way), and go through the door to the grapple block/Powamp room.

You might recall I mentioned there being a door in the ceiling here; Space-Jump over to it, and jump through.  Space-Jump your way out of the water and up to the top of this room, which looks like a dead-end.  Wrong; morph and bounce through the hidden tunnel in the left wall.  Jump over the Zebbo pit (notice that more than one comes out?), and go through the door.


Blast the green gate open, then jump up and roll through the narrow tunnel to wind up in the red elevator shaft of Brinstar.  (Wasn't that easy?)  Take the elevator up to Crateria.


Climb up, shoot the ceiling, head left, and return to Samus's ship; resupply and save there.

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