Super Nintendo


Section 2: Game Basics

2.2: Controls

A long time ago in 2008, when I first started planning this HTML guide, I made a graphic of the SNES game controller, with the controls for SUPER METROID labeled.  It was made before I started using Inkscape; thus, I have improved it, but removed the labels (can't have the picture tell everything, and I don't want to be repetitive).

The default controls are:

Control Pad (AKA D-pad):
[▲] Up Aim straight up.  If you're crouched, hold both L and R to aim straight up.
[▼] Down Press once to crouch; if you have the Morphing Ball, press again to roll into a ball (morph).  In mid-air, this aims straight down.
[◄] Left Run left.
[►] Right Run right.
These can also be combined when aiming to aim in all four diagonal directions.

(A) Jump.  If you jump while running, you'll do a Spin-Jump (or Space-Jump/Screw Attack, when equipped).
(B) Dash.  If equipped, this also activates the Speed Booster (or the X-Ray Scope if it is selected).
(X) Fire.  Holding this button will make Samus fire rapidly (or activate the Charge Beam, if it's equipped).
(Y) Cancel secondary weapon selection.
[L] Angle down (aim diagonally down).
[R] Angle up (aim diagonally up).
(Start) Pause and show Map and Samus Screens.
(Select) Cycle through available secondary weapons.

All of these (except the Control Pad and Start buttons) can be reassigned on the "CONTROLLER SETTING MODE" screen when you start your game.

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