Super Nintendo


Section 2: Game Basics

2.4: Environment

2.4.1: Special Blocks

The terms used for some of these come from METROID PRIME.  I have retained them, mostly because it would seem repetitive to call all sandstone and bendezium blocks just 'blastable blocks' or some such (and they are not given an official name in the literature).

2.4.2: Doors and Gates

Most rooms in SUPER METROID are separated by doors, and some are further separated by gates.

2.4.3: General Hazards

Some general obstacles and hazards on Zebes:

Area-specific hazards can be found in SECTION 5.

2.4.4: Enemies

Being a METROID game, there are lots of enemies; there are 62 ordinary enemies, 2 friendly creatures, 1 semi-friendly creature, 5 mini-boss enemies, and 5 boss enemies.  The majority of enemies can be destroyed by at least one of your weapons, though there are a handful of enemies that are indestructible.  The complete list of minor enemy creatures is given in SECTION 5 (arranged by zone).

Mini-boss and boss characters are given special treatment in the walkthrough; when they're encountered, I list the data for each one, like so:

    HP: Number of hit points the boss has.
    Attacks: Amount of damage the boss's attacks do to

  Weapons – Amount of damage your weapons do to the
  boss, followed by a number in parentheses (the number of
hits required by each weapon to defeat the boss).

The boss data comes courtesy of Foxhound, because for whatever reason, the data for bosses and most of the mini-bosses isn't in the Player's Guide.

2.4.5: Special Rooms

There are several types of special rooms on Zebes that are marked on the map when you visit them (or download data from a Map Computer):

Locations of the special rooms in each area are provided in SECTION 5.

2.4.6: Power-Ups

When you destroy enemies and defeat bosses, they usually drop power-ups.  You get one power-up from most enemies, but several from strong enemies and lots from bosses.  These are collectively known as "power-ups" or "refills" in the walkthrough.

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