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Section 3: Walkthrough

3.2: Crateria's Rocky Tunnels

*** Samus escapes the station just in time, and follows Ridley to      ***
*** Planet Zebes, homeworld of the notorious Space Pirates.            ***

Samus's ship lands on Crateria (the surface area of Zebes).  If you have a look around, you'll notice that the way to the right is blocked (don't worry; we won't be back for quite a while).  You may also notice that there are no enemies to speak of, which is very strange.  Anyway, from the ship head to the left, fire at the door to open it, and go through.  Head left some more; you'll see a narrow passage, but don't worry about it right now.  At the far left is a shaft with four doors; the one at the bottom, in the floor, is what concerns us now.  Go through it.

Those who have played the original METROID may recognize this room; it's the shaft Samus escapes from Tourian through after her fight with Mother Brain.  (Hereafter known simply as the "Tourian escape shaft.")  It is very long, devoid of anything except a multitude of small blue platforms.  Since you need to go alllll the way to the bottom, simply hug either side of the shaft and freefall (there is only one small platform on each wall near the bottom).  Go through the door at the bottom.

This room (as evidenced by the large broken tank and broken Zebetite pods) is where Samus fought Mother Brain in METROID.  Hmm… there's still no enemies, but the door behind you just turned metal.  The door on the far end, however, is still open.  Head through it, and take the elevator down to Brinstar.


This should be just as recognizable; it's similar to the room Samus begins the game at in METROID; the only difference is that it's deserted.  Sure enough, if you jump over the obstruction to the left, you should find the MORPHING BALL!  Just like old times.  At this point an eyeball will shine a light on you… that's odd.  Anyway, you'll notice that the obstruction you jumped over is too tall on this side for Samus to clear (without the Hi-Jump Boots, anyway); that's where the Morphing Ball comes in.  Shoot the lone block at the bottom, and roll right under the obstruction.

Head right, past the elevator, until you reach a door.  The next room has a bridge of sandstone blocks, and a red door you can't open without Missiles.  Shoot the bridge, drop down, and enter the door here.  Shoot the marble in the Chozo Statue's hand to reveal your first pack of MISSILES (5).  Head back up to the blue door and go through, all the way back to the elevator, taking it up to Crateria again.  (Notice that the statues' eyes are glowing now, and they turn their heads when Samus goes by?  Creepy.)

Insectoid's Tip:


One thing you'll notice immediately upon returning to Crateria is that the room is now lit.  That can only mean one thing… head through the door to find yourself face-to-face with a gang of Zebesian Space Pirates!  These Pirates are rather weak, and take only one shot to destroy.  Eliminate all of them, and go through the now-flashing metal door.

There are many more Space Pirates in the Tourian escape shaft; these crawl on the walls and occasionally jump to the opposite side, making ascent irritating at best.  Climb all the way back up, blasting Pirates on the way, and try not to fall too much.  Go through the door at the top.

Back in this room, you'll find Geemers crawling around, and Rippers flying back and forth.  Ignore them (or blast the Geemers if they get in the way) as you make your way back to the top.  If you'd like to save your game on the way, there's a Save Room behind the blue door on the left that can only be reached with the Morphing Ball.  Anyway, at the top of the room, head right to that narrow passage I noted earlier (watch out for the Skrees, though), and roll into it.  Drop down here (ignore the Ripper) and enter the door on the right.

There are a lot of Mellows in this room.  Try to ignore them for the moment, running under them to the right to reach another red door.  Blast it open, then return to the swarm of Mellows and blast them for energy and Missiles.  (You'll see why in a moment.)  With 5 Missiles in hand, head through the door you just opened.

There's another Chozo Statue here; shoot its marble to reveal the BOMBS!  You can now bomb things when you're rolled up… cool.  Head back to… oh.  The door turned metal.  Suddenly, the Chozo Statue falls apart, revealing a Torizo!

    HP: 800
  Attacks: slash 10, energy wave 10, body 8,
  bombs 8.
  Power Beam – 20 (100)
Missiles – 100 (8) (limit 5)

As you can see, with only 5 Missiles, you'll have to use both weapons (if you picked up the other Missile pack in Brinstar, just use Missiles.)  In any case, this boss is a piece of cake.  The Torizo's weak spot is its chest; shoot your 5 Missiles at it, and it'll fall apart.  After that, 10 Beam shots (or two more Missiles) causes its face to fall apart, at which point the Torizo becomes twice as fast as before.  Finish it off with 5 more Beam shots (or one more Missile), and collect the refills.

Moving onward, head back through the previous room to the main area.  You'll notice that the passage you came down here through is too high up now, so head up and to the right, using Bombs to break the bendezium blocks in the way.  Head left, back to the main shaft, and save if you wish.  When you're ready, go through the blue door across from the red door on the right.

In here is a narrow tunnel; morph and roll through it, bombing each of the blocks that get in your way.  Go through the blue door at the end, and shoot the marble the Chozo Statue is holding for a pack of MISSILES (10).  Go back through the door, and bomb-jump above the first block to roll into a hidden passage above the narrow tunnel; follow this to the right.  After falling through a crumble block, exit this room.  Blast the red door across the way open and, after raiding the enemies for refills, visit the Map Room and download the map data for Crateria.  When you're done, head back to the main shaft and go to the very top.

Insectoid's Tip:

Up here on the left are some bendezium blocks that you can bomb through.  Go through the door here, and ignore the Geemers and Wavers as you make your way down the hill, picking up an ENERGY TANK (1) at the bottom before going through the blue door.  In this next room, blast each of the green Space Pirates with a Missile (your current Beam can't harm them) as you make your way to the bottom of this shaft.  At the bottom, ignore the red door on the right (we won't be coming back till near the end of the game) and go through the blue door on the left.

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