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Section 3: Walkthrough

3.6: Hunting Down Some Items


Well, the Wrecked Ship was quite a handful, wasn't it?  This little item hunt should be a snap by comparison.  (Oh, were you expecting a supply check?  See if these numbers match: 599, 200, 120, 15, 15.)

To start out, from Samus's ship, head to the left, where there is a little hill.  Go back to the right and run to the left, super-charging once you get to the hill.  Angle up to the right and press Jump to Super-Jump diagonally alllll the way to the upper-right corner of this area, and you'll land on a cliff.  Head to the right and blast the yellow door open with a Power Bomb.  Go on through.

In here, blast the Alcoons with Missiles as you make your way across the boiling lava-filled room (didn't we just leave that stuff?!); eventually you'll reach a pack of POWER BOMBS (20).  Exit through the door you came in at a run.  You should reach super-speed just before you get to the edge of the cliff; store the charge and fall straight down off the edge to reach another cliff.  Press Jump and quickly tap Left to Super-Jump horizontally, just like the demo when you turn the game on.  You'll break through a barrier of bendezium blocks in the far wall and smash right into a door.  Enter it.

Insectoid's Tips:

This long series of tunnels has Wavers, Yapping Maws, and boiling lava that rises and falls, as well as many obstructions that you need to bomb through.  Equip your Ice Beam, then arm your Power Bombs and blast away each barrier when you come to it, watching your footing around the lava and freezing the Yapping Maws.  (Though these are just bendezium blocks, Power Bombs will get rid of them faster.)  When you get to a door, go on through and quickly collect the ENERGY TANK (6) before the lava hits you.  What a relief!  Drop a Power Bomb here to reveal a tunnel; wait for the lava to fall, then morph and quickly roll through the tunnel to the other side.  There are more obstructions here, as well as spikes.  Make your way across the room, blasting obstacles with Power Bombs until you reach the far end, where a Zebbo nest and Yapping Maw await you.  Go through the door here.

Shoot the wall in front of you to clear a path.  Don't move yet, though—use the X-Ray Scope to reveal a whole mess of crumble blocks in the middle of the room.  Optimally, you want to jump on the VERY CENTER of the crumble block patch so that both columns are broken at the same time.  (The Player's Guide says that attempting this without the Spring Ball is futile; they are WRONG.  However, if you do mess up, you'll have to backtrack and go through the horrible lava rooms again.)  Arm your Power Bombs, jump on the middle of the patch, and drop a Power Bomb the instant you see the two alcoves on either side; this will blast away the breakable blocks.  Quickly jump into either alcove (hopefully leaving enough room to jump over the crumble blocks to the other alcove) and collect a pack of MISSILES (120), then jump over and collect the other pack of MISSILES (125).  Continue dropping down, and when you stop, drop another Power Bomb to blow open the floor (killing two hidden Beetoms in the walls).

We're back in the shaft with the green Space Pirates we came through earlier on the way to Brinstar.  Head down that way again (continue to ignore the red door on the right), and take the elevator down to Brinstar.


Go through the first door on the right.  Remember that the last time you were here, you couldn't get past even the first shutter?  Now that you have the Speed Booster, simply run all the way across and you should make it under the speed-shutters without difficulty.  Blast open the red door and go through; shoot the Chozo Statue's marble for a RESERVE TANK (3).  Morph and roll under the statue to reach a pack of MISSILES (130), then drop a Power Bomb to reveal a second pack of MISSILES (135) hidden deep in the wall.  Exit this room.

Obviously, you can't get out the same way you got here (the speed-shutters are still closed), so you'll have to go around them.  Shoot the ceiling next to the nearest shutter and jump up, being wary of the Wavers and Sidehoppers lurking around up here.  Collect the pack of SUPER MISSILES (20), then jump on the block the pack was sitting on to find that it crumbles, dropping you back into the speed-shutter room.  Exit through the door.

Back in the main room, head down to the bottom; it would be a good idea to save in the Save Room on the way.  I mentioned earlier that there was an explorable area down below; drop a Power Bomb to blast away the floor.  Drop down this shaft to the bottom, and go through the door.  In here, drop another Power Bomb to blast away the Beetoms, then head through the next door.  In here, head left until you see the Energy Tank ahead.  STOP!  Point your X-Ray Scope at the floor in front of it to reveal a fake floor.  Go back to the door, and make a running jump over the pit to reach the ENERGY TANK (7), then blast open the green door and go through.  Shoot the Chozo Statue's marble for a pack of SUPER MISSILES (25).  Exit the way you came in.

Drop down the invisible pit, and roll through the spiked tunnel to the right (the door to the left is a Save Room; you can use it if you want).  Kill the Beetoms with Bombs or Missiles (or just freeze them), and blast or freeze any Zebbos that get in the way as you make your way to the door at the end.  (You can also drop Power Bombs, just like in the Manflower room in red Brinstar.)  Three friendly little creatures called Etecoons await you in the next room, standing next to a shaft.  If you wait a moment, they will run over to the shaft and start wall-jumping up it.  Follow their example, and wall-jump all the way up.

Insectoid's Tip:

At the top of the shaft, you'll notice a narrow tunnel in the right wall.  Without the Spring Ball, the only way to get inside it is to run full-speed from the left, spin-jump to the right, morph in mid-jump, and roll in the tunnel.  This is trickier than it sounds, but it's possible with practice (you have to be FAST on the D-pad!).  If you succeed, you'll make it in the tunnel, and can collect the pack of POWER BOMBS (25).

Insectoid's Tip:

Roll back out, and wall-jump back up again.  Go through the door at the far left to reach the main shaft again (notice the door is metal?  It's one-way).  Climb back up and Power Bomb the floor once again, and go through the first door on the right; kill the Reos here.

This next part is optional; if you'd like to skip it, simply head right without using the Speed Booster (or, you can Super-Jump to the other end of the tunnel), back to the large pink room.  If you're curious as to what's down here, back up and start running right, super-speeding through the bendezium blocks and the bridge of Booster Blocks here, dropping down a LONG shaft.  Head left to find a door (leads to an Energy Recharge Room) and a strange bird-like creature called a Dachola, who will show you how to perform a Super-Jump.  (Watch as the master runs to the right and Super-Jumps straight up, hitting its head on the Booster Blocks above...)  Refill your energy if you want, then follow the Dachola's lead and Super-Jump out of here (hopefully not hitting your head!).  Head right, all the way to the large pink room.

Head right and down, blast the yellow door open with a Power Bomb, and go through.  Kill the three Sidehoppers here (one is larger than the others) to unlock both doors.  In this room is a tall wall with a blue gate at the top.  One way to get up to it is to latch onto the grappling block directly above you, swing around to get on top of it, shoot open the gate, and swing over to the top of the wall.

Insectoid's Tip:

In any case, once you're over the wall, go through the door on the other side, and collect the ENERGY TANK (8).  Go back to the previous room, and bomb the bottom of the tall wall to make a shutter rise; use it to reach the gate above (or, again, just wall-jump up), then open the gate, drop down, and kill the Sidehoppers again to unlock the door.  Exit this room.

Back in the pink room, climb up a little until you see an area off to the left with some grappling blocks in the ceiling.  Latch on and swing across them to reach a pack of MISSILES (140), then drop down into the little pocket.  Use a Power Bomb to blast away some blocks, and point the X-Ray Scope at the left wall.  You'll see an invisible hole in the wall; jump through it to reach a tunnel with a bunch of large Sidehoppers.  Eliminate them (charged shots work best), and head over to the left.  There is a single odd block in the floor; blast it away with a Super Missile, drop down, and pick up the pack of POWER BOMBS (30).  Shoot the shutter to raise it, then bomb the wall behind it, drop down, and roll to the right.  At the end, drop a bomb to make a shutter rise, then go through the door.

You'll fall through a crumble block back into the large pink room.  Drop down until you reach the narrow tunnel, but ignore it, and instead bomb down to where you got the Charge Beam.  Drop a Power Bomb to blast away a block concealing a tunnel, and roll through; head down and blast open the red door.  This room is partially filled with water; kill all the Zeros in the room, then go back to the right and dash left, super-speeding through the Booster blocks, Puyos and Skulteras to reach an ENERGY TANK (9).  Exit this room.

Jump back up to the Charge Beam room, drop a Power Bomb to get back through, and go up and bomb-jump through the narrow gap, then head through the door.  In the long green tunnel, jump up to the ledge in the upper-right, and blast open the yellow door with a Power Bomb.  We're back in the blue area of Brinstar where you picked up the Morphing Ball.  Watch out for the Sidehoppers as you head right, and when you get to a wall blocking your way, bomb the bottom of it, roll under, and bomb out the other side.  Collect the pack of POWER BOMBS (35) here, then drop a Power Bomb to blast away the wall to the right.  Head right, past the elevator, and go through the next two doors.

In this long room, blast the Geemers and watch out for the Skrees as you head toward the large obstruction at the far end.  Shoot the ceiling to the left of the obstruction to reveal an ENERGY TANK (10) that you can leap up and grab.  Drop a Power Bomb to blow away the bottom of the obstruction, collect the pack of MISSILES (145) that we passed up oh so long ago, then go back to the left.  Dash to the right and super-charge, then stand directly under the hole in the bottom of the obstruction and Super-Jump straight up.  Hold left to land in the small room above (as the block doesn't reappear), and go through the door.

This room has an ankle-deep pool of water.  Point your X-Ray Scope up and to the left to reveal an invisible bridge; jump up onto it and make your way left, avoiding the boulders that come out of nowhere.  Go through the door at the end.  In here, grab the obvious pack of MISSILES (150), then walk to the left of it and drop a Bomb next to the raised platform to reveal another pack of MISSILES (155).  Exit this room, bomb through the hole in the floor, then as you drop down the narrow shaft, hold right, and you'll drop through a crumble block and be able to roll out.  (Or you could drop another Power Bomb.  Your choice.)  Head back to the elevator and take it up to Crateria.


Head left to Mother Brain's room; bomb the middle of the large tank several times (or once with a Power Bomb) to reveal a passage, leading to a hidden pack of MISSILES (160).  Go left into the Tourian escape shaft (blasting Pirates as you go), and start climbing up.

Insectoid's Tip:

Remember those single blue ledges along the left and right walls that I mentioned earlier?  They're near the bottom of the shaft, not far above door level.  Jump up to the one on the right, and bomb the wall there to reveal a passage.  Blast open the yellow door with a Power Bomb, and go through.

You'll find yourself in a long tunnel with four Boyons in the floor.  Freeze each one, and quickly head back to the left, freezing them again as you go (they don't stay frozen for long).  From the door, dash to the right, and super-charge before you hit the far wall.  Press Jump to Super-Jump straight up, and you'll reach a small room with a pack of SUPER MISSILES (30).  Arm your Grappling Beam and swing left across the spike-filled tunnel to the door.

The door will turn metal behind you (it's another of those one-way doors); head to the left and bomb your way back into the escape shaft.  Go through the door in the ceiling, and backtrack all the way to Samus's ship.  Resupply and save your game.

From the ship, head right, dashing through the bendezium blocks again, and go through the door, then through the tunnel.  In the room with the Kihunters, use the X-Ray Scope to locate the path down to the elevator here; shoot the block, drop down, and blast open the yellow door in the floor with a Power Bomb.  Take the elevator down.


Back here in the red section of Brinstar, head down to the door leading to the main red shaft, through the Manflower room, and then all the way down, going through the door at the bottom.  Go through the two water rooms, and stop at the glass tube we passed several times earlier.


Drop a Power Bomb and press any button to blast away the glass; now that you have the Gravity Suit, you can explore this area freely.  Go to the bottom and through the door; save your game here.

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