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Section 3: Walkthrough

3.5: Exploring the Wrecked Ship


Before we move on, check out what you've collected so far: you should have 4 Energy Tanks for 499 energy, plus 100 energy in 1 Reserve Tank, along with 80 Missiles, 5 Super Missiles, and 15 Power Bombs.  You may also unequip your Ice Beam if you wish; you won't be needing it for a while.

To continue, super-speed to the right to break through the blocks (if they're still there), and blast open the green door.  Keep going right until you're back in the tunnel with the Kihunters; eliminate them and keep going until you reach a yellow door.  Blast it open with a Power Bomb and go through.

In this room, latch onto the grappling blocks above and swing over the water to the MISSILES (85), trying your best to LAND on the pedestal.  Swing the rest of the way across the room, being careful on the crumbling grappling blocks, which will disappear if you hold onto them for too long.  Go through the door at the end.

We're in another large outdoor area; there's another pack of Missiles down below, but we'll be picking that up later.  Arm your Grappling Beam and latch onto the grappling blocks above to swing across each gap.  You'll eventually come to a gap without a grappling block, but there is a green Ripper II here; latch onto it and swing across.  Jump across the remaining platforms and blast open the green door to enter the Wrecked Ship.

Insectoid's Tip:

Wrecked Ship

This place looks as lifeless as Crateria did before Samus woke it up.  Head right across the dead conveyor belt and through the door to reach a long shaft.  Across the way is a Save Room; there's no power, so it's as dead as everything else.  Start heading down the stairs; by now, you'll probably have seen a Covern or two (those creepy skull things); shoot them if they get in your way.  You'll reach a metal door; ignore it and go down the next flight of stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs from the metal door, bomb the bottom of the left wall and roll through the passage.  Make your way left, ignoring the spikes (oddly enough, without power they don't hurt you!) and collect the pack of MISSILES (90) at the end.  Backtrack to the main shaft, and continue going down the stairs.  When you get to another metal door, shoot the floor out, and continue down until you reach a green door in the floor; blast it open and go through.

This is another long tunnel; the door on the far left is a Map Room, which is dead as well.  Head to the right, until you reach an obstruction; bomb the bottom of it and roll under.  Blast the Eye Door here with three Missiles, and prepare to face the boss Phantoon.

    HP: 2500
    Attacks: flames 20 (each)

  Missiles – 100 (25)
  Charged Spazer/Wave – 200 each, up to 3 (13)
  Charged Spazer/Ice/Wave – 300 (9)
Super Missiles – 600 (5)

Phantoon is a bit tougher than the bosses you've faced so far; the main reason being that he drops fireballs EVERYWHERE.  However, you can shoot them for refills, so it's not all bad.

Basically, he'll fly around the room in a figure-8 pattern, dropping lots of fireballs as he goes, before finally stopping.  On his second pass (if you don't hit him), he will either immediately stop in a different location, or become invisible and drop some more fireballs, and then stop.

When Phantoon stops and opens his eye is the signal to attack.  You have several options for fighting him:

  1. Super Missiles.  Though they do more damage than charged shots, it is more dangerous, and takes more time, because it causes Phantoon to do an additional fireball attack between hits: he'll move to the top of the room, and rain down fireballs eight times.  These are almost, but not quite, impossible to avoid.  If you're not fast enough to morph and roll from corner to corner, alternating between each pass, there is an alternative: the Charge Attack!  (What? You don't know what that is? Check SECTION 2.3, "Abilities.")  The clever Charge Attack will protect you from Phantoon's fireballs, and unlike when you hit an enemy with it, you won't lose the charge.
  2. Charged Spazer/Ice/Wave.  This is the slightly safer choice, and takes a bit less time, but hitting the boss is tricky as always.

I took another look at Foxhound's guide, and discovered a THIRD option:

  1. Charged Spazer/Wave.  "But Bug," I can hear you say, "that does less damage than the Spazer/Ice/Wave combo!"  If you unequip the Ice Beam, then, yes, it does less damage.  However, instead of disappearing, after each Spazer/Wave hit Phantoon will fly back and forth wildly, giving you the opportunity to get up to TWO MORE hits in!  This gives you the benefit that using Super Missiles would, while preventing him from doing any additional attacks.  I also think it's a little faster than using charged Spazer/Ice/Wave.

In any case, Phantoon will change color after a while, and after 5 Super Missiles or 9 Charged Spazer/Ice/Wave shots (or 12-13 Spazer/Wave), he'll flash and dissolve, bringing the ship back to life.  Collect the refills and exit through the flashing door.

Well, the power's back, and so are the enemies (not too surprising).  The Work Robots are active again, and seem to delight in shooting energy beams at you.  There are also tough orb-like creatures called Kobens that can go through walls—shoot them!  And since the power's back, there are live electric currents everywhere, dropping sparks occasionally.  Take this moment to visit the Map Room noted earlier; when you're ready, go through the door in the ceiling.

Shoot out the ceiling and enter the now-flashing metal door on the left.  In this small room, avoid the electric currents and grab the pack of SUPER MISSILES (10).  (Been a while since we saw one of those, huh?)  Exit the way you came in, and go to the wall opposite the door.  Bomb the bottom of it to reveal a passage; roll through and go through the door.  In here, avoid the spikes and currents as you make your way across the conveyor belt to the first Work Robot.  Jump over it, and continue until you find another one; jump over it and drop a Power Bomb to blast away the wall, revealing four tunnels.  Bomb-jump into the second from the bottom, roll through and collect another pack of SUPER MISSILES (15).  Exit this room.

Back in the main shaft, continue climbing (ignore the other flashing door) until you get to the Save Room noted earlier; save if you want.  When you're ready, continue climbing the stairs until you reach what looks like a dead end; shoot the ceiling to reveal a passage, and keep going until you get to a door in the ceiling.  Jump through it.

The door will turn metal below you; the other two doors in this long hallway are metal, as well.  The only way to unlock them all is to kill all the enemies in this room—Kobens and tougher yellow Kihunters, some of which are wingless.

Insectoid's Tip:

Our destination is the door on the far right, but start on the right side anyway (you'll see why in a minute).  Kill all the enemies, then head to the left, blasting enemies until you reach the door on the far left.  When all the enemies are dead, the doors will unlock; shoot open the door on the left NOW!  (If you don't, you'll have to kill all the enemies again after exiting the other door, just to unlock it.)  Head back to the right and go through the door at the end.

There are more conveyor belts and Work Robots in here; shoot at the Robots to make them fall into the pits, and make your way right.  Grab the pack of MISSILES (95) and go back to the long hallway, shooting your way past the enemies again as you head toward the far left door.  Go through it.


We're back out in Crateria for a short while.  Head to the left, across the platforms, until you see a Tripper.  Jump onto it, and ride it to the left until you see a second Tripper above you; jump up to it.  Ride this Tripper to the right, and jump up to the next Tripper you see.  Ride this third Tripper to the left until you see a low part of the ceiling; shoot it and spin-jump at the pack of MISSILES (100) to collect it, then drop down.

Insectoid's Tip:

Down below, head left until you reach the wall, then scan the floor with your X-Ray Scope until you find a Super Missile block.  Blast it and drop in, then drop a Bomb to blast away the block on your left, and roll over to the pack of MISSILES (105).  To get back the way you got in (you don't want to drop down, else you'll have to climb alllll the way back up through the Wrecked Ship), jump up and then morph in mid-air and roll into the tunnel (you may have to shoot the sandstone block first; it regenerates).  Shoot the Super Missile block again (it regenerates too!) and jump out.

Scan the ground with the X-Ray Scope again until you locate another hidden block; shoot this and drop through, then roll to the right, and go through the door (raid the Zebbo nest first, if you need energy).  In this next room, kill any Wavers or Choots that get in your way, and go through the next door.  In here, you can simply go through the next door (the strangely-colored Geemer above follows you around… weird).

Wrecked Ship

Back in the Wrecked Ship, arm your Grappling Beam and swing across this long spike-filled room, until you reach a Chozo Statue with no marble; oddly, this one is standing up.  Jump up into its hand and roll… hey, why did it grab Samus?!  The Chozo comes to life, and with Samus in hand starts walking across the spikes to the left, eventually descending right through the floor down some stairs into a small room below.  It will stop and release Samus here.

Don't go through the door yet; you'll notice there's a narrow tunnel below you.  Bomb the left side, drop down and roll to the right, then when you reach a dead end, drop a Power Bomb to blast open a passage.  Go through it, and shoot the Work Robots into the pits.  Head right and collect a pack of MISSILES (110) from the Chozo Statue, then drop a Power Bomb.  It will blast away both the wall and the Chozo Statue; start dashing to the right across the conveyor belts.  Super-charge before you get to the far wall, and Super-Jump straight up the narrow shaft.  Go left, and jump over the depression in the floor (it's a false floor) to reach the RESERVE TANK (2).  Now fall through the false floor, and backtrack to where the Chozo let us off.

Insectoid's Tip:

Go through the door here and shoot the marble for the GRAVITY SUIT!  Yeah!  Now you can move freely in water, lava and acid (and weak lava will not damage you anymore), meaning you can now explore Maridia.  Your Power Suit is also now pink.  (Or magenta.  I liked orange better.)  Go through the door here (it's the only way out).


You'll drop down into the water in front of the entrance; now that you have the Gravity Suit, you can jump back up to the entrance easily.  First, though, let's pick up the pack of Missiles I advised you to skip earlier.  Head to the left underwater (watch out for the blue Skulteras) until you reach the far left wall.  Shoot the bottom of it to reveal a passage; with the Gravity Suit, you can simply bomb-jump into the tunnel.  (Without it, you would have had to jump, morph mid-jump, and roll in which, though easier underwater, would have taken a little more time.)  Anyway, roll left to reach the pack of MISSILES (115).  Exit the tunnel the same way you came in, bombing the entrance.  Head right, back up to the platforms, and go back into the Wrecked Ship through the entrance.

Wrecked Ship

Run through this room (notice that the conveyor is active now) and go through the door back into the main shaft.  Save; I sometimes have trouble getting this last item, so it's a good idea.  When you're ready, go down the stairs to the flashing door on the right we ignored earlier.  Open it and go through.

Kill the Bull with a charged Beam shot, then jump out of the water onto the platform.  (Without the Gravity Suit, you wouldn't be able to jump that high, and it's too deep even to try a wall-jump.)  Go through the next door, and make your way across this spiked-filled room, carefully darting across the moving spike platforms to the door.

Insectoid's Tip:

In this shaft, shoot the ceilings as you climb up to the top, ignoring the blue door on the right.  At the top, blast open the red door and go inside.

I dislike this room, because it's easy to mess up.  This is a medium-sized chamber with a pool of water, with Skulteras and spikes at the bottom.  The easiest way to reach the first suspensor platform is NOT with the Grappling Beam, but from the topmost of the little ledges in the water here, from which you can simply jump to it.  Carefully jump across the suspensor platforms, then arm the Grappling Beam and latch onto the crumbling grappling blocks as soon as you're within reach, and swing over to collect the MUCH-needed ENERGY TANK (5).  Make your way back across (if you fall in, just jump up those little ledges I mentioned), and backtrack to the main shaft, again passing up the door on the right.

Insectoid's Tip:

Go back to the conveyor belt at the entrance to the Wrecked Ship, and dash across it. Super-charge before you reach the door, open it, press Jump and tap Left…


…to zip across the entire length of the lake!  Neat, huh?  Anyway, go through the door at the other end and backtrack all the way to the ship.  Resupply and save.

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